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Accessible Audiobooks made Easy

Audiobooks are a fantastic tool for people who have trouble reading print due to a learning, physical or visual disability. MSTOS has audiobook kits available to borrow through ILL. They are preloaded with titles from CELA and are available through the Spruce Cooperative or fILL.

Patrons must have a print disability to use CELA services.

Titles are preloaded from CELA to the Victor Stratus4 M audiobook players so your patrons do not need access to WIFI or Daisy discs.

The kit comes in a zippered case and includes the audiobook player, instructions, an easy reference card and a power adaptor. The audiobook player has a good quality built-in speaker but we also include disposable earphones in the kit if your patron wants to listen that way.

The loan period for these kits is 6 weeks.

Kits are mailed to and from your library using Canada Post’s “Literature for the Blind” service.

How to Request through ILL

Change your patron’s PL to “Print Disabled” (on Spruce) or on your own ILS.

Choose which genre-based audiobook player your patron would like to borrow. Spruce libraries can search the SIRL catalogue by using the keywords “Victor Reader Stratus4 M”.  Select “Staff View” to see the full record and the contents note with the list of preloaded titles on that player. Then place your hold.

fILL libraries need to go to and search the catalogue for “Victor Reader Stratus4 M”. Click on the record to see the details then click ‘more details’ to see the contents note with the list of preloaded titles on that player. To place a hold, fILL libraries must search the fILL database using the keyword “Victor Reader Stratus4 M” and make sure the source is “Spruce Libraries Cooperative”. Choose the player that has the appropriate genre you want in the subtitle and place your hold.

Once you receive the kit, please keep the packaging it was received in and return it to us in the same box. Ensure that the “Literature for the Blind” label is affixed to the top left corner of the box when returning it.

Using the Victor Reader Stratus4 M Player

We have enclosed a user guide and quick reference card in each kit. Library staff should familiarize themselves with the player when it arrives so they can help patrons become comfortable using it on their own. We recommend phoning patrons a few days after they have signed the player out to follow up.

MSTOS staff are available to answer questions borrowing libraries may have. We are happy to help you ensure your patrons have a positive experience with the kits.

Please fill out the User Feedback Form together with your patron when they return the kit and include the completed form in the package you mail back to us.


User Feedback Form

Victor Reader Stratus4 M Quick Reference Card

Victor Reader Stratus4 M User Guide

Canada Post return label to Stonewall Library with “Literature for the Blind” postage

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