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Membership – Library memberships for adults and children are free of charge to anyone who is a resident or pays property or business taxes in the South Interlake Regional Library catchment area, which currently consists of the RM of Rockwood, the RM of Rosser, the Town of Stonewall and the Town of Teulon. Children under the age of 16 need parental consent to take out a Library membership. At the discretion of the Branch Librarian, Library memberships may be issued for organizations operating in the Library’s catchment area. To obtain a card you will need to show acceptable identification that includes your name and current address. Your Library card may be used at the Stonewall, Teulon or Bookmobile branches.

Resident members of Gaynor Family Library (Selkirk) may use South Interlake Regional Libraries at no cost. Please contact the Library for details.

Non-resident Membership – Library memberships for people who do not have residence or pay taxes in South Interlake Regional Library’s catchment area may be purchased for an annual fee of $75.00.


    • Replacement cards $5.00
    • Lost item admin fee $5.00 + replacement cost of item

Items that have been overdue for 90 days will automatically be marked as lost and the account will be charged the retail cost of the item plus a non-refundable admin fee of $5.00.