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Citizenship & Newcomers

Manitoba Websites

  • Accueil Francophone du Manitoba - Helps facilitate the reception and settlement of Francophone newcomers to Manitoba.
  • Ethnocultural Council of Manitoba is shared space, where diverse ethnic communities come together to provide an empowering platform and collective voice with equal representation for immigrant, refugees and visible minorities working to make Manitoba a welcoming and inclusive province.
  • Immigration Manitoba - through the Government of Manitoba website. Find out services, programs and resources available to newcomers to Manitoba.
  • IRCOM (Immigrant and Refugee Community of Manitoba) - Helps newcomer families integrate into the community through affordable transitional housing, programs, and services.
  • Manitoba Start – provides information and guides you to take advantage of Manitoba’s immigrant employment and settlement services by determining which services meet your personal needs upon arrival and as you look for a job or advance your career.
  • The Manitoba Association of Newcomer Serving Organizations (MANSO) –  umbrella organization for immigrant and refugee service providers in the Province of Manitoba. MANSO provides leadership, support and a unified voice for the settlement and integration sector, including core settlement services, language training, employment services, and welcoming community programs.
  • MCC Manitoba Refugee Assistance - This program promotes refugee sponsorship through churches in Manitoba and works with other groups to address the needs of newcomers and refugees.

Canadian Websites