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Career Opportunities

  • Are you passionate about making your community a better place?
  • Would you like to introduce children and adults alike to the wonders of the Library?
  • Does information and technology interest you?
  • Do you like detective work?
  • Are you detail oriented?

If you love the world of information, technology, learning, books and people, working in the library could be a career for you! Toss out your old ideas about libraries being dull and dusty! Our Libraries are not boring or quiet places to work, and library professionals are not bookworms who sit around reading all day or just stamping out books!  Library professionals are on the cutting edge of the information age, connecting people with the information they need.

Our Library staff love to read but they’re also passionate about encouraging and promoting literacy and life long learning, they are  creative, resourceful community builders who love the information challenges brought to us by our patrons.

If you think you’re up to the challenge of library work, maybe one of our jobs is right for you!